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Fresh Chocolate

Caramel Salé

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Strawberry - Marc de Champagne Heart

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Mini Mousses

Wild Strawberry

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Bâtonnets Caramel

Light and crunchy Sablé Breton shortbread and sensuous
fudge caramel are perfectly blended with the finest Swiss chocolate.


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bâtonnets caramel

18pcs assorted

CHF 23.90 / 180 g


"Happy Birthday"

CHF 24.90 / 250 g

confectionery packages

16 Assorted Chocolates

CHF 23.90 / 180 g


Assorted almond &
hazelnut milk

CHF 19.90 / 250 g


FrischSchoggi Large Bag

CHF 33.75 / 450 g


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Chocolate Experience


information & booking

Chocolate Experience Bilten

On the Chocolate Experience tour in Bilten you will get interesting insights into the world of finest Läderach chocolate.

ChocoAtelier Bern

The workshop courses and tastings in our Chocolate Showroom are an experience for all senses.

Chocolate Experience Ennenda

Visit the Läderach factory . A tour of the chocolate factory – for many, a childhood dream come true.

Chocolate Experience Dillenburg

Learn about chocolate's origin, the fascinating factory and artistic artisanal skills.

ChocoAtelier Hamburg

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate. Let our expert staff introduce you to the art of the chocolatier.

ChocoAtelier Vevey

ChocoAtelier Vevey with its four attractions: chocolate boutique, experience exhibition, live confectionery-making and course facilities.

ChocoAtelier Zurich

Book a workshop or a tasting session today and find out more about Läderach. Let our expert staff introduce you to the art of the chocolatier.



A short introduction on the cultivation, harvesting and processing of precious cocoa beans.

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Sweet Tokyo

Travel to Japan, conclude deals, head back - that was the plan.

Läderach is also irresistible in Japan, as the prize-winning short film "Sweet Tokyo" shows.




Throughout our value chain, from cultivation to the chocolate shop counter, we see all our staff and partners as part of Läderach’s chocolate family. To us, sustainability means thinking of this chocolate family in generational terms.

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Grand Cru

Anyone looking to make the best chocolate first has to look for the best cocoa. And this can be found by travelling to the cocoa farm where it is produced.

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